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Myong Galletta

Myong Galletta

Project Director

Meet Myong Galletta, a seasoned Project Director at iWorks with over 15 years of consulting and project management experience. Myong's versatile skill set encompasses policy analysis, systems design, meticulous IT project documentation, technical writing, team development, and the successful implementation of business process automation using low-code/no-code platforms.

Myong brings a fresh and adaptable perspective to challenges across various sectors, including housing, defense, and energy. At iWorks, she leads project management initiatives prioritizing innovative business process reengineering, technical excellence, and collaborative success. Her expertise extends to the cutting-edge automation of processes using low-code/no-code platforms.

With credentials that include being a Safe certified Scrum Master and a PMP, Myong Galletta is deeply committed to agile practices and upholds top-tier project management standards. She is driven by a passion for delivering exceptional results and consistently exceeding client expectations.